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How to Plan & Book Your Luxury Travel Experience With EliteLyfe

How to Plan & Book Your Luxury Travel Experience With EliteLyfe

An international, luxury trip is an opportunity to fully disconnect from daily life and be able to rest, enjoy, and experience something different. But the process of planning the trip, especially in these times, can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. 

Here at EliteLyfe, we believe the planning and booking process shouldn’t be a drag, but rather should be the beginning of an exciting journey. With our 7 years of experience sourcing and organizing everything from superyachts and private jets to mountaintop estates and private islands — in the most sought-after destinations around the world — we have refined the whole process down to a fine art.

Here we are going to guide you through what the process of planning and booking a luxury travel experience with Elitelyfe looks like. We understand that your most valuable asset is time, and the following simple steps are designed to help you safeguard it and enjoy your trip as much as possible.

  1. Reach Out To Our Luxury Travel Team

Every trip starts with an email or call. This can be as simple as telling us what you are planning — a vacation, birthday, event, etc. — or it could be an already complete and highly detailed vision of what you need.

We ask the right questions to gather as many details about what you like/dislike as possible. The more information you provide us with at this stage, the quicker and more accurate we will be in shortlisting properties or destinations we feel meet your needs. 

Once our team has a clear image of your expectations and needs, we begin the process of gathering options. Most of our clients’ needs and preferences are based upon the following:

  • Location: Beachfront or mountaintop? City break or island-hopping trip?

  • Size: Big enough for an extended family or a cozy cabin for 2? Proximity or privacy?

  • Dates: High season or low season? Special fixed date or flexible? 

  • Services: Full service or self-catering? Luxury transfers, excursions, event tickets?

  • Budget: Blowout or budget luxury vacation? Fixed or flexible?

  1. The Initial Review 

For the next steps, our team will be busy scouring for the best options to fulfill your needs. Once we have a selection we are happy with, within a couple of days we send over the initial personalized proposals of the trip for your review. 

You will first receive an email from a member of our team with the proposal. In this email, we will also set up a call at a convenient time to review the options based on what was sourced and located.

On this call, 90% of our clients are already happy to confirm options from the provided selection and are ready to move on to the next step. If more options are needed, no problem — our personalized service means we don’t quit until we find exactly what fits your needs. 

  1. The Contract and Payment Phase

The vast majority of clients reach this phase within a few weeks. However, it may take longer for trips that require more exclusive arrangements and organization. 

The contracts we provide here at EliteLyfe are in line with industry best practices and are designed to protect all parties — especially you, the client. The personalized and protected service we provide is one of the major reasons why clients book with us.

All of the contracts are sent to you digitally to save time. At this stage, we request the full payment before moving on to the next stage. Most of our clients execute payments via wire, but we are able to accommodate a range of payment options.

  1. Planning The Details 

Once the contracts are signed and the payments are made, the really exciting part of the process gets underway. This is the trip planning stage, in which we work with you to determine the exact specifications of your vacation or event — right down to the very last detail.

We can plan the trip in as much or as little detail as you want, with as much or as little guidance from your personal luxury travel designer as you need. Everything from unique excursions, fun in-villa experiences, and yacht events to your favorite type of water, alcohol, and afternoon snack is accounted for. 

Your travel designer is always on hand throughout the process to make sure the details are right and really make your trip extra special.

  1. Enjoying Your Personalized Luxury Trip


The process of preparing your luxury travel experience can take anywhere from between 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the length and complexity of the trip. We pride ourselves on efficient communication and close relationships with our clients and partners, allowing for a smooth and swift planning and booking process.


Once we’ve finalized the itinerary and orchestrated all the moving parts of your trip, the only thing left to do is to sit back and enjoy! We offer a platinum concierge program included in every booking, so you can rest assured we will be on hand from the time you leave your house to the time you return home from the trip. 


Once your trip is complete, an EliteLyfe team member will follow up with you to review the 

overall experience and close out the security deposits and any outstanding trip invoices. 

Once reconciled, we set you free and remain just a call or email away for when you decide to start to plan your next adventure!

Looking to book your next luxury travel experience but not sure where to start? Or already have a complete vision of an exclusive trip? Contact our expert luxury travel team and we will guide you through the whole process to ensure it becomes a reality.