A luxury travel agency brings many moving parts together seamlessly, giving the impression of simplicity and wonder. We craft every element of your trip, from finding & staffing your exclusive vacation villa or island getaway, booking your exotic car or limo rental, & planning VIP tours, to arranging your superyacht or private jet charter, orchestrating anniversary celebrations, & even making miracles happen like organizing a private dinner with the Pope.


The Elite VIP Travel Experience

The Only Luxury Travel Agency That Elevates High-End Vacations Into One-of-A-Kind Travel Experiences Designed For You

Our luxury travel agency leverages a team of expert travel designers, along with a network of close international partnerships, to turn luxury vacations into elite-level bespoke travel experiences. Our luxury travel agency is built on more than a decade of experience in high-end travel and international property management. We specialize in serving a select clientele of business executives, high-net-worth individuals, and discerning travelers who appreciate world-class accommodation, unique private island getaways, and making every moment of their precious time count. Precision, partnerships, and a wealth of experience in VIP travel guarantee all our clients' needs and requirements are met swiftly and professionally. Our luxury travel concierge team is always on hand to deal with any issues, arrange additional last-minute plans, and ensure your luxury vacation is a hassle-free, elite experience from start to finish.

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What Others Have To Say

“The rise of Airbnb and HomeAway has made vacation rentals a top accommodation choice for business and leisure travelers alike. While those two sites pretty much dominate the home-sharing market, a crop of startups has started popping up to cater to the luxury traveler. One of those startups, EliteLyfe, aims to take things to the next level by offering concierge-style services and super exclusive add-ons.”

What Others Have To Say

“EliteLyfe Luxury Travel Agency has taken the experience to a whole new level, offering added services like yachts, jets, and exotic cars with your villa rental. Certainly, for those who can afford it, this is by far the best route to go, especially when traveling with a larger group. If you're used to the high-life, then a luxury vacation rental or villa from the right company is definitely the best way to ensure a luxury experience through-and-through.”

What Others Have To Say

“Few people operate in the rarified world of solving problems that can’t be solved for the most demanding of elite clientele in the world. If you want the most luxurious experience in the world, then you would call Niko Contardi the 'Billionaire broker'. Niko started the business 8 years ago in San Diego, C.A., where he started to notice that there was one thing that his clients needed the most…time. He then made it his main goal to have an all-encompassing service for his clients that is efficient and user-friendly, hence he is developing a unique software technology that has one reservation system with live inventory.”