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Travel Guide: Tokyo

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Tour Tokyo

With your private guide and vehicle. An architectural tour. Your guide will be a professional architect explaining Tokyo’s fabulous contemporary architecture in the Aoyama area.

Local Liquor Store

Visiting a local liquor store specializing in Sake in downtown Tokyo to participate in a traditional “Kaku-Uchi” - sampling different types of sake while enjoying the local atmosphere.


Known for the arts (Gold Leaf, pottery, and lacquer), Kenrokuen Garden (one of Japan’s top gardens), Higashi Chaya District, Nagamachi Samurai District, Omicho Market and more.

  • Ryokan in Kaga Onsrn for a traditional multicourse kaiseki-style meal that will include seasonal and local delicacies.


Learning the ancient Japanese Way of Tea from a master during a tranquil and refined tea ceremony at a beautiful temple.

Stay at the The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto. Steeped in history and honed by five-star luxury and service, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto expresses the culture of Kyoto, Japan in a language of thoughtful details. This begins upon arrival at the hotel, when check-in is conducted over traditional Japanese tea. It continues with the 409 pieces of modern Japanese artwork on display throughout the hotel, and with the signature cuisine and cultural experiences on offer.

Set in a secret garden at the heart of a forest, Aman Kyoto rests a stone’s throw from Kyoto’s golden Kinkaku-ji Temple and 16 other Unesco World Heritage Sites. The resort is nonetheless a secluded world apart, with light-filled suites and pavilions set in tranquil glades and its steaming private onsen offering healing in the Aman Spa.

  • Participate in a private Zen session with a Buddhist priest while contemplating a beautiful and tranquil Zen garden. Learn not only the traditionalaspect of Zen meditation but also how Zen can be used to enhance one’s daily life.
  • Meeting with Hiroshi Saito, a contemporary textile artist specializing in traditional ‘Yuzen’ with natural dye. Local Kyoto expert Masa Fujiwara will accompany you. Enjoy a unique opportunity at a Japanese ochaya or an introduction-only tea house for a private dinner with geisha entertainment. An ochaya only accepts guests through an introduction from its trusted clients. This experience will take you back in time and is so unique that most Japanese do not have the opportunity to try it.
  • Visiting Robert Yellin’s private yakimono or pottery gallery that showcases antique and modern Japanese pottery, including vases, jars, and sculptures. The gallery is located about 45 minutes from Kyoto.
  • Discover Shinmonzen and Nawatedori streets. These streets are famous for many shops selling traditional arts, crafts, and antiques. Here you will be able to source a variety of items and glimpse into Japan’s past.

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