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Travel Guide: Pompei

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Tour Through Pompei

Join us on a journey to experience one of Italy's most renowned archeological and historic sites, for a jaw-dropping peek into Roman history. A 2-hour guided tour of Pompeii, the world famous site of the ancient Roman town buried under the ash and lava during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Join us through this fantastic testimony of the Roman E1npire, as you are overwhelmed by what you see.

Although first discovered in the 16th century, exploration on this buried city did not begin until 1748, but continued systematically throughout the nineteenth century.

The archeological area, initially buried under 5 meters of ash and pumice, extends over 66 hectares (about 35 acres), of which 49 have been excavated and 12 are currently open to the public. The most recent excavations have been geared towards restoring and attributing the proper value to the ancient city and its exceptional archeological heritage and excellent state of preservation may lay claim to being the richest archeological site in the world. Its public buildings, private villas, remnants of its commercial center, bronze statues, stone sculptures, amphitheatre, and petrified bodies that look like mum1nies frozen in time, will leave you with a lively impression of the organization and daily life in this Roman town, inhabited over 2,000 years ago.

The incredible state of preservation of the city's buildings and infrastructure make Pompeii one of the only archaeological sites that can shed real light onto the history of a truly ancient Roman city. For true enthusiasts, special access experiences to areas not open to the general public are available on request.

This is a great activity to combine with sites like Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius, a coral jewelry workshop or a visit at one of the areas local vineyards.

Herculaneum & Mount Vesuvius

Herculaneum, once an important seaside resort and trading port, and home to many wealthy inhabitants, is the best-preserved, archaeologically excavated site of the entire region. This is where your next adventure begins, with an English~speaking guide leading you through this amazing site. Although buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., you will be mystified by the preservation of the villas, baths, and shops you encounter while walking the streets on the way to the site's economic and political centre, The Forum. It was also here, in the 1980s, that hundreds of bodies were uncovered between the arches, tucked into the town walls, and buried in the walls of volcanic stone. It is believed that people fleeing the city huddled here in the hopes the arches would provide protection from the volcano. We will also certainly not miss one of the treasures of Herculaneum, its library at the Villa of the Papyri, which was the only library to survive the eruption. The scrolls which once filled the library's shelves are now stored in the National Library in Naples.

Then its off to Mount Vesuvius, where the locals have been both fascinated and frightened by Europe's oldest active volcano for nearly two thousand years. Mt. Vesuvius is world renowned for its tragic eruption in 79 A.D. that led to the burying and destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. You'll take an adventurous solo hike up this one~ofa~kind attraction, as you experience the volcano beneath your feet. Walk around the edge of the crater and enjoy the fantastic panoramic views out over the Gulf of Naples.

Step inside history, as we take you on a journey that spans civilization!


The Vineyards of Pompei 

Wine making traditions of the Campania region date back to the ancient Greeks, but it was actually during the Roman times that the full potential of local wines was developed.

Pompeii in particular, sitting on a volcanic terroir rich with minerals and exposed to peculiar weather conditions, soon became a benchmark for the wine trade in the ancient world, as testified by the several vineyards found within the city walls, mostly located near the amphitheater.

Wine was an essential part of every banquet, usually diluted with water (hot or cold according to taste and season) and spiced with herbs, honey, or even chopped oysters, for a final product that was undoubtedly very different from the wine we're now used to.

However, it is fascinating to note how much of the ancient knowledge and techniques put into wine production has remained valid today. One example is with the terracotta jars in which wine was stored, buried during the fermentation process in order to control the temperature.

On this truly unique inebriating experience, we will take you for a walk through one of the region's oldest and most prestigious vineyards, which nan1e recalls one of (if not THE) most important of Italian dynasties, the Medici Family. When in 1567 the Medici moved from Florence to Naples, they chose this vineyard to experiment new techniques and elevate the quality of local wines for their own consumption. Since then, this vineyard has always been a benchmark for superior local wines, and the family who owns it today still pursues fully natural, yet experimental, approaches to wine production.

Your tour of the vineyard will give you a clear glimpse into the past, but as we love in the present, will end in the cellar, where a sensory imrnersion into the finest local wines and flavors will begin. Sitting under the shaded pergola of the winery's restaurant, you will be delighted by the creations of Pompeii's most acclaimed chef, each one paired with a selected wine. For a truly unique experience, you can even try the "Old Pompei" menu, which replicates the recipes and tastes of Ancient Romans.

"The man's passions have their roots on fire" they say here, and we guarantee - feasting on Italy's best food and wine with mighty Mount Vesuvius rising up in the distance and ancient Pompei right behind you, will certainly ignite deep emotions you will never forget.

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