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Travel Guide: Bodrum

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Atelier di Carne

From the culinary experts behind Celebrity Etiler, Atelier di Carne is a steakhouse set apart by unique flavours, flawless service and magnificent sea views. 

Combining fine dining with sumptuous interiors, the restaurant offers a truly unparalleled atmosphere. With world-renowned kitchen directors drawing inspiration from nature to enrich Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant's creative menu is complemented by exquisite wines and cocktails.


Serving the globally renowned delicacies of the Far East in an open-air setting with sweeping views of Aegean Sea by the perched over azure waters, Hakkasan continues to serve its dazzling signature dishes with traditional techniques, the finest quality ingredients and contemporary flair that combine to reinvent ancient gastronomy resulting in a unique food and cocktail menu, served in a chic, dynamic and sleek setting.

Kurochan by IOKI

Overlooking the resort’s main beach, Kurochan by IOKI’s unique setting is enhanced by the restaurant’s stylish layout featuring an open kitchen where guests can watch as their food is prepared. To complete the experience, there is a fantastic drinks menu including Japanese beer, an extensive selection of sake, local and international wines, alongside a fun and innovative cocktail list created from Japanese-inspired infusions, fruits, vegetables and spices.


Located in Bodrum's Old Town, Orfoz is known for its excellent seafood dishes and stunning waterfront views.

Marina Yacht Club

Our 3 restaurants that we host, Our bar, cafe where live music performances are exhibited 365 days a year and our art gallery, we continue to serve our guests with the same care as the first day for 22 years. 

We are pleased and proud to host approximately 300,000 guests every year. Welcome to Marina Yacht Club, which has become a Bodrum classic.

Loft Elia

Pine and olive trees, as well as the views over the bay accentuate Loft Elia's zen feel. Although this lounge-style restaurant is fully open to the elements, there is also an intimate atmosphere here. The natural vibe suits the cuisine down to the ground. The kitchen team produces inspired, fine dining-quality dishes that are deliciously spicy. For instance, the dessert made with halva, tahini, blackberries, sesame seeds and carob ice cream is beautifully balanced: not too sweet, but it packs a punch. A commitment to local produce and sustainable practices are part of their ethos based on respect for the planet.


The rooftops of Bodrum, the azure sea, even some Greek islands: the view you have from the top floor of The Marmara hotel is truly breathtaking! The restaurant has a Mediterranean feel and that also applies to the food.. Traditional recipes are revamped with great skill and local produce. The crispy manti with minced meat, yoghurt and chilli oil is a shining example. Be sure to treat yourself to the legendary baklava, too!

Isola Manzara

When you take a seat on the terrace overlooking the beautiful Bodrum Castle, you will feel like you are on an island. For the time of a meal, you are cut off from the rest of the world here, your only task being to enjoy delicious southern Italian cuisine. Parmigiana di melanzane, creamy risotto ai gamberi, sea bass with tomato and capers: the menu features all the classics brimming with those familiar flavours that will transport you to the heart of Italy.


Osman Sezener and his team offer a unique and international take on Turkish cuisine. Produce from the region takes centre stage and it is always guaranteed to be fresh and flavourful. The dishes are not overly complicated, but they certainly pack a punch. The perfectly fried sea bass is as fresh as if it had just been caught.


Zuma is not at all out of place among the impressive yachts and luxury boutiques. This restaurant has a sophisticated feel with its phenomenal sea views, clubby vibe and laid-back atmosphere. They are open from May to October, delighting diners with their trendy take on Japanese cuisine. Think different types of nigiri, or salmon marinated in teriyaki then grilled and served with pickled cucumber.

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