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Travel Guide: Amalfi

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Climbing & Rappelling the Cliffs of the Coast

Deemed by Unesco as one of its most outstanding landscapes, the Amalfi & Sorrento Coasts, combining to create what is arguably the most picturesque coastline in the world, is without question, one of its most memorable. With mountains plunging into the crystal blue sea, cliff hanging villas, and a palette of colors that span the spectrum, this strip of panoramic paradise is your background for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Flanked by expert instructors and our state-of-the-art climbing equipment that provides the maximum in comfort and safety, today is an adventure you will want to repeat and certainly never forget. The perfect combination of adrenaline and calm, strapped in as we climb up super panoramic rock face. Suitable for both first timers and avid climbers, for kids and adults alike, we offer a series of climbs and rappels spread out over different areas of the coast.

Our climbs require anywhere from 20-50 min of hike tilne to get to the start point, but hike time aside, each excursion adventure lasts approx. 3 hours. Whether you've never been or are an active climber, all of our hikes are suitable for participants at any level. Your certified alpine guide will meet you at our designated start point and lead the way to our climb, where you'll gear up and let the adventures begin! We'll make sure you're having fun and stay challenged throughout the climb, as your guide will be right by your side to share tips and instruction along the way. One thing is for sure: your efforts will be fully rewarded by the breathtaking views and adrenaline of the experience!

Our climbing and rappelling excursions are meant to be enjoyed, so you wont be climbing more than 60-90 feet, depending on the itinerary, up the rock face. And not to worry; you'll be strapped in so once we reach our peak, your instructor will lower you down in your harness. Then its time to clitnb up again as you have the flexibility of enjoying multiple climbs during the duration of your excursion.

Whether you choose to hike up the rock face in Positano, Punta Campanella, or the rock wall along the Path of the Gods, this is an experience you will never forget.

Trekking the Path of the Gods

Join us for a wonderful day hiking one of the most picturesque trekking routes in Italy. If we start where the hike naturally begins, we'll head up past Vettica Maggiore, the small suburb of Amalfi, to Bomerano. It is here where you'll take your first photo of the amazing panorama that unfold before you, as we start our hike in the direction of Positano. For those staying close to Positano and Praiano, we'll suggest an alternate starting point.

Today's leisure trek is one of the coast's most aesthetic, with views as far as the eyes can see at every tum. Pass monuments like the San Domenico Monastery, the 12th century church of "St. Maria a Castro", and the annexed 16th Century Dominican Cloister along the route. Continuing from West to East, we will walk through unique, wild Mediterranean brush, coastal forests, and caves suspended high above the bright blue sea.

We continue until reaching the small village of Nocelle, a tiny suburb just north of Positano, with only 300 inhabitants. Ti1ne has left this beautiful town untouched, in part due to the restricted car access, and it's here where you'll see what it's like to live in the mountains that stretch from the water to the sky. From here, those ready to finish the hike in its entirely can follow our guide back down to Positano; for those that need a little assistance, take the local bus down from Nocelle or our guide can call a taxi, to help you with the last small leg of the trek.

The ease of the hike is adequate for most, although there are different starting points that may require to walk lots of stairs (ex, those starting in Praiano will start the hike by walking stairs to the path crossing). Once we reach the main "path", the terrain is either flat or in descent. Those suffering from vertigo may experience difficulty during this walk.

This hike is recommended for those who want to enjoy the Amalfi Coast from a privileged vantage point while discovering the natural landscape and engaging in light physical activity. Be sure to bring your phone, as you will have the opportunity to take spectacular photos. We recommend you bring bottled water, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. We'll take care of the rest!

Vietri Through the Eyes of An Artist

Vietri sul Mare, declared a UNESCO heritage in 1997, is the birthplace of handmade Italian ceramics, known worldwide for its renowned creations, produced here since the 17th century. Today we embark on a truly unique experience, through the eyes and stories of your guide and ombudsman, Guido Gambone, lineage to two ofVietri's greatest artists ever, both responsible for putting this town on a global scale.

Born in the US to an American mother and Italian father, Guido grew up in a culturally vibrant family. His Grandfather, also named Guido, was one of the most important and influential Italian ceramic artists in the mid 20th century. His work fused painting, primitivism, tradition and modern artistic movements and became enormously influential the world over. This passion and success for ceramics and art was passed down to Guido's father, Bruno Gambone, an internationally renowned artist in his own right, and ultimately to Guido, who has spent his life in and around the arts.

Today is a highly personalized experience with Guido, his friends, artist colleagues, and stories from his childhood. We roam the tiny streets of the town that feels more like a magnificent open-air museum, with its ancient buildings decorated in shiny tiles and its numerous family;run shops boasting hand;made ceramic objects of all kinds. The worl~renowned ceramics produced in this area are referred to as 11ceramica vietrese," traditionally known for their classical decor, pastel colours, and motifs of nature, animals, and the beautiful landscapes of the small villages found along the coastline. During your visit, you will see how these local ceramics are produced, from the mouldings of the clay to the hand;painted decoration of the final product. All the colors of the Amalfi Coast ; the deep blue of the sea, the bright green of the vegetation, the gilded oranges and yellows of the citrus - are represented in the classic and modern pieces that flow from the many ceramics artisan workshops that line the streets.

We'll wander the streets, meet the people, and experience the jewel of the Amalfi Coast like a local. For those desirous of extending their day, enhance your day with several unique options:

  • A private visit to the studio of the region's most prominent ceramic artist. Not open to the public, this husband and wife run studio displays the craftsmanship and creations of the artist who has inspired an entire new generation.
  • A one-of-a-kind hands-on workshop. Starting with a piece of clay, and under your artist's guidance, one of the last heirs to his family's precious handmade ceramics business, you'll create your own Italian masterpiece in his boutique workshop and gallery, a space where he expresses the artistic talent and honors learned as a child.
  • Ask about a visit to the Provincial museum dedicated to the ceramics of the Amalfi Coast. Opened in 1981, the museum is housed on the grounds of Villa Guariglia, home to the Italian ambassador, and covers ceramics produced in the area from the 17th to the 20th centuries. A truly one;ofa;kind way to visit this one-of-a-kind Italian gem of a town. A must-do for art or ceramic afficionados.

*when Guido is not available, a suitable substitute will lead you through this experience

Guido Francis Gambone

Born in the US to an American mother and Italian father, Guido grew up in a culturally vibrant, globetrotting family. In fact from an early age, thanks in part to his transatlantic roots, Guido has travelled the world extensively, and worked professionally in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

With his family endeavors in finance and art, Giudo enjoys a uniquely rich & worldly network of friends and colleagues. His Grandfather, also named Guido, was one of the most important and influential Italian ceramic artists in the mid 20th century. His work fused painting, primitivism, tradition and modern artistic movements and became enormously influential the world over. This passion and success for ceramics and art was passed down to Guido's father, Bruno Gambone, an internationally renowned artist in his own right, and ultimately to Guido, who has spent his life in and around the arts.

His professional path also crossed over into the world of wine and travel, thanks to his relationships with some of the foremost winemakers in Italy and his prior work as a country manager with a Butterfield & Robinson. His personality and discreet nature, along with his extensive knowledge of the country, are a perfect combination for our discerning clients.

Sunrise Hike & Rustic Breakfast

When the first rays of the sun peek through the faint blue sky and darkness slowly turns into day, open your eyes and discover the most breath,taking panorama that embraces the entire Amalfi Coast and Gulf of Salerno. Today is a truly unique experience not to miss, as we hike up to our peak, 600 meters above sea,level, and sit to enjoy a first,class, home,made rustic breakfast cooked on the spot: breakfast omelettes, a variety of homemade pastries & cakes, crispy pancetta, fresh fruit, sausage, fresh squeezed juices, Neapolitan coffee are just so1ne of the plethora of culinary surprises that we may decide to make for you this morning!

Take in the sight of dawn as long as you would like. After breakfast, our excursion continues with a small trek through the village of Scala, immersed in a panorama of chestnut & lemon groves, with the Mediterranean Sea as our back drop. For those who'd like some more morning exercise, ask about our options for a post,breakfast hike through the Lattari Mountains or a leisure walk all the way downto Amalfi. Or how about a walk down to Ravello, one of the most ro1nantic towns in Italy, having served historically as a destination for artists, musicians, and writers, including M. C. Escher and Virginia Woolf. Here you can join us for a guided tour, on request, of the historical center of Ravello and its Cathedral, as well as visits to Villa Rufolo, a property dating back to the Middle Ages, with its magnificent flowered gardens, and Villa Cimbrone, set high upon the cliff side with its sprawling terraces and famous coastal views.

Whatever your choice, this is a morning you'll never forget, and will want to repeat every day of your vacation.

Scuba & Archeological Diving in the Mediterranean

One of the best-kept secrets of the Campania Region is that its ripe with worldclass diving. From the diverse underwater wildlife, with its vibrant colors and intricate formations, to the underwater archaeological park, an ancient sunken city rivaling anything you've seen before, today we show you the secrets of the Mediterranean seabed and ensure your Italian experience will be one of your most unique dives ever!

The options are plenty; from the marine reserve of the Amalfi Coast, to the caves and bays of Sorrento to the Unesco heritage islands of Capri, lschia, and Procida, days and days of diverse dives are at your fingertips. And while most tourists rush to the busy site of Pompeii, scuba divers in~the~know follow us to explore a sunken Roman city only accessible to them; an ancient luxury resort of villas and thermae, loved by Caesar and Nero, submerged by the sea while Pompeii was buried in the ashes of the eruption of Mt Vesuvious. The Archaeological Underwater Park includes 5 main diving sites including Secca delle fumose, a natural jacuzzi of sulfuric gas, showing the volcanic activity of the area, and Villa a Protiro, a highlight of the underwater park, with its courtyard with pristine black and white mosaic floor, and sites that will fill the memory card on your camera! This is, without a doubt, one of the best dive sites in Europe.

So strap on your tank and slide in to your fins as we take you for an experience you will never forget. And for those without certification, do not fret. Beginner and certified dives are both available.


Known worldwide as a sy1nbol of the wannth and beauty of the Amalfi Coast, lemons have found in this area the ideal 1nild climate to grow since time im1ne1norial. The precious fruits were initially called "citro", but from the 13th century their name changed to the Arabic word "limunzello". The entire population along the Coast was engaged in the cultivation, production and trading of the le1nons, which were exported in great quantities and appreciated for both their medical qualities and gastronomic versatility. Of the many lemon groves dotting the terraced hills of the Coast, the oldest is certainly the one owned by the Aceto Fa1nily, only a few steps out of the historical center of Amalfi. It was in 1825 when the family bought a s1nall piece of land and started their activity as le1non producers and traders. Luigi ("Don Gigino"), now nearly 90 years old, keeps devoting all his time and energies to the family business. "I was conceived under a lemon tree and I've got lemon juice running through my veins!" he says, and his eyes sparkle with the passion of a 20 years old boy. Don Gigino's entire family still works in the limoneto, walking up and down the steep terraces with tireless fervor. In their free time they open the doors to curious visitors from all corners of the world, treating them with the unfussy, warm hospitality so typical of the South.

On your private experience at this estate, you will be guided by one of the family members on a walking tour to the le1non grove, learning everything about the unique "Sfusato Amalfitano" and the history of this factory which has no rivals on the Amalfi Coast. You will certainly be treated with a glass of their refreshing lemonade and delicious lemon cake before ending the tour at the small factory, where lemons are processed and turned into sublime limoncello. To quote Gigino, "we are protecting a heritage which does not only belong to our family, but to all Humanity". In this sense, sharing time with him and his family is not only a truly authentic Italian experience, but a way to honor six generations of labor and passion for the unmatchable beauty of Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi & Sorrento Coast By Vespa

Ah, Italy... Let me count they ways... From the culture to the language to the fashion to its food, we all agree it can do no wrong. So what happens when we combine thecoolest, most authentically Italian way to travel - by Vespa - with arguably its most outstanding landscape? An experience you will want to repeat and certainly never forget.

Deemed by Unesco as one of its 1nost outstanding landscapes, the Amalfi & Sorrento Coasts, combining to create what is arguably the most picturesque coastline in the world, is without question, one of its 1nost 1nemorable. With mountains plunging into the crystal blue sea, cliff hanging villas, and a palette of colors that span the spectru1n, this strip of panoramic paradise is your background for a day you will always remember.

Strap on your hehnet and throw on your shades as you jump on the back of your personally escorted ride. Get your camera ready, as you take in the sights and sounds on your incredible journey. The 25 mile long coast is considered one of Italy's most curvaceous beauties, and today you'll n:vist and turn through so1ne of its most renowned town. With 13 municipalities that 1nake up the coast, our Vespa driver will take you for a ride of a lifeti1ne. Whether you decide to start in Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi, hold on tl1rough those hairpin turns as your eyes take in the most amazing riding backdrop.

Characteristic curves, yellow and pink houses huddled around the small village ports, a sea with incredible tones of blue and green, and majestic landscapes all at your fingertips. A pit stop for a genuine espresso? Aphoto,op accompanied by a shot of Limoncello? A roadside lernon,ice, made fro1n the rich citrus fruits these lands are so famous for? A walk through one of the namesake towns of the coast? Sure, they're all possible as you decide what you'd like to do today. But one thing we'll agree on; charge up your phone cause you'll need the extra battery to take all those memorable photos as you cruise in style on the seat of the world's most iconic 2 wheels. Get ready to Vespa!



Tuck into an unforgettable experience. Savour the flavours of Campania, enhanced with an international flair. In each dish, Chef Armando Aristarco honours local cuisine and keeps an eye to the world. Exquisite produce is elevated by its simplicity and served with timeless elegance. Take a seat on the Amalfi Coast’s most exclusive terrace, perched on its highest peak. As you feast, soak-up the concerto of colours, scents and sounds from the infinite views—this is dining in heaven. 

Caruso Grill

For alfresco glamour and delicious drinks and snacks our Pool Grill is a must visit. Join us for a relaxing lunch or dinner by the pool and savour traditional Neapolitan pizza, pasta or fresh salads.

Perfect for long, lazy lunches, take your time to admire the idyllic backdrop of our infinity pool with the Amalfi Coast beyond. 

Il Flauto di Pan

After sunset the delicacies of fine Mediterranean cuisine, reinterpreted with ingredients from the organic crops of the House, will delight the palate of the guests, chasing weds flavors and spicy aromas of the Orient. The charm of old rooms, service, attention to detail, a rich cellar: these are the features that make the restaurant "The Flute" Villa Cimbrone a unique experience. Please note that a Credit Card number is required as a guarantee for bookings at this Restaurant. 

La Caravella dal 1959

An undisputed gastronomic icon on the Amalfi Coast with plenty of history behind it, this restaurant continues to attract a loyal following today.

There’s a nod to tradition in the cuisine here, with modern reinterpretations that are full of Mediterranean scents and flavours (the proverbial lemon makes an appearance in many dishes, from the creamy soup to the famous soufflé), as well as the vibrant character of the region and, above all, the sea (depending on the season and the catch). The outstanding wine list has few equals thanks to its extensive choice and excellent vintages.


Having graduated with a hospitality diploma in 1997, Peppe Stanzione, originally from Salerno, decided to embark on a long tour around the world gaining professional experience in places as far afield as California, Australia, China and Thailand. 

Teeming with ingredients, colour and flavour, his dishes provide a feast for the tastebuds and focus on regional produce and authentic cuisine from Campania, all on a menu brimming with tempting options. There’s also a good choice of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

Quattro Passi

Fresh sea-food dishes prepared every day according to the work of the fishermen of Marina del Cantone. This Michelin-starred restaurant is the ideal place for an unforgettable gastronomic experience: sumptuous local recipes, large selection of local cheeses and more than 1200 wine labels. 

Faro di Capo d'Orso

Located up on a rock, this place is famous for the beautiful view and the tasteful homemade pasta dishes as ravioli with various fillings, scialatielli, laccetti and fried fish courses and mixed grills. 

Il Pirata

Il Pirata is located in Praiano one of the romantic fisherman village on the Amalfi Coast. Il Pirata has spectacular view towards the Coast, this place is right on the water and offers the typical dishes of the local sea tradition. 

Da Lorenzo Trattoria

Outdoors and indoors options

Offering its clients simple, high quality dishes, in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Lorenzo and his family will welcome you in such a way you will feel at home. The restaurant offers local specialties of the Amalfi Coast and Campania’s tradition with fresh fish coming from the nearest market, in a pleasant and friendly environment. 

Il Giardiniello

Restaurant and pizza parlor (evenings only) situated in the center of town, where you can enjoy local cuisine, which includes mainly seafood. Pleasant summer dining in the gazebo.

Cumpà Cosimo

Outdoors and indoors options

A great, old school trattoria, the culinary matriarch Mamma Netta offers a cordial welcome and presides over these wood-beamed dining rooms, effusively displaying her joy of cooking and providing her guests with a memorable evening.

Once a simple wine bar, this place has blossomed into a popular restaurant favored by both locals and visitors. Cumpà Cosimo has been a Ravello institution for over 70 years since 1929. Ingredients come from the family farm, concocted into the likes of gnocchi alla sorrentina, marvelous crespolini alla Cumpà Cosimo, fusilli al ragú, and cheesy maccheroni al forno. 

Da Mimì

Outdoors and indoors options

A very easy restaurant located in the heart of Ravello. The menu focuses on the long tradition of the Neapolitan pizza and on the use of seasonal and local ingredients. The different dishes are focused on local product, market availability and of course, our regular’s favourites! 

Neapolitan Pizza, hand-made pastas, cheeses and other ingredients abound in the from-scratch kitchen, and guests taste the culinary team’s attention to detail in every bite. 

Enotavola Wine Bar

After the hustle and bustle of the square, exploring the side roads, you can come across Enotavola. Tucked into a quiet side street, with 3 seating levels,You can eat on the terrace and for sure you will love the food and the attentive service from the family that run it. Nice casual restaurant with simple dishes. A good place to eat when you are tired of all the fancy dinners. Huge wine list. 

Garden Restaurant

Garden restaurant is located in the center of the historic village of Ravello, a few steps from the main Piazza and Cathedral. On the wide terrace on warm summer evenings or in a glass-walled dining room, the Garden‘s restaurant offers the best of regional cuisine.

Vittoria Restaurant Pizzeria

In the magical setting of Villa Rufolo, just a few steps from the main square, you can enjoy the specialties of his well-kept menu accompanied by a wine list with 150 valuable and national labels. A casual restaurant with a menu from the local tradition as well as pizza. 


All five senses will be satisfied by a visit to the gourmet restaurant of the Hotel Residence. Housed in a splendid 18C palazzo just a few metres from the famous cathedral, the restaurant boasts an interior design which combines modern and functional features with the building’s classic look, using a colour scheme which is typical of the Amalfi Coast. Although the cuisine focuses mainly on Mediterranean fish and seafood, the menu also features a few meat specialities.

Marina Grande

Establishment on the beach: wooden floors and white chairs in the linear room, where you can sample the traditional country cuisine; pleasant terrace for service in summer.

Trattoria Da Gemma 

Situated in the heart of Amalfi, this restaurant has been in business since 1872. Enjoy the delicious local specialities with a contemporary twist served by efficient staff. Attractive terrace on the main street. 

Taverna Buonvicino 

Delighted to welcome you to Hidden Amalfi, we invite you to discover this small invisible country by proposing a direct journey to the colors and flavors of local cuisine and through which you can find new places of belonging. Our philosophy is typically Mediterranean, that is, that of hospitality without reservations and boundaries. The well-being and refreshment of guests is our priority. We propose a cuisine that is not immediate, but of short wait because we respect the sincerity of preparations and cooking. 

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